Parents Count: Parent Education and Support Group is a comprehensive parent education class that provides parents/guardians with personal growth exercises, child development and guidance information, as well as, family living, stress management, and nutrition information for children and parents/guardians.

The parent education series has 15 classes and requires about four months to complete.  The time investment helps parents gain knowledge and confidence in their understanding of the techniques and strategies presented in class.

Parents/participants receive incentives for attendance and completion of the 13 homework assignments during the 15-week series.

Parents/guardians may join the classes at any time during the series.  Students are required to take a pre and post test to demonstrate what they have learned from their participation in the classes.

The classes are co-sponsored by the Health Department and the Division of Children and Family Services.  The classes are ongoing, and held at the Early Childhood Education Center in South Bend.

For more information please contact Barbe Porter at (360) 942-7038 or (360) 875-6394.