Millage Programs

The Human Services Advisory Board directs the use of county Millage funds.  Millage funds are part of local property tax and are meant to provide services for mental health and developmental disabilities.  Current programs supported by county millage funds include:

Girls Circle– Pacific County health educators partner with Crisis Support Network, Boys & Girls Club, and the Readiness to Learn program to provide the girls circle program in all 5 county school districts.  Girls Circle are full 8-12 week curriculums that provide skill building activities and promote critical thinking in girls age 9-14.  Weekly topics include friendship, body image, honoring diversity, relationships with peers, expressing individuality, and creating a path to the future.  To learn more about Girls Circle, please visit

Developmental Disabilities Job Club- The County contracts with Coast Rehab to provide Job Club services for people with developmental disabilities in South Pacific County.  The job club meets once per month and covers topics ranging from resume writing to job prep to co worker relations.  For information on job club, please visit

Suicide Prevention- The HELP curriculum consists of four 45-minute lessons using PowerPoint slides and discussion activities.  Topics include stress and healthy coping skills, depression and its impact on teen’s lives, the causes and warning signs of suicide, and skills to intervene with a possibly suicidal friend. Activities call for discussion and problem solving and involve issues that students currently dealing with, such as keeping confidences. Health Educators implement (or support the implementation) of the HELP Suicide Prevention curriculum in Pacific County High Schools.  The HELP curriculum is part of the larger Washington State Youth Suicide Prevention Program.  Click here for more information on youth suicide prevention and HELP curriculum.

Social Recreational- Social recreational opportunities are provided each month for individuals and family members of individuals with developmental disabilities.  The Social Recreation program is meant to provide a chance for socialization and to build friendships and to promote independence and self confidence through participation in community activities and social events.  Social Recreational opportunities occur at least once per month alternating between North and South County and include movies, bowling teams, and outings to special events like the Long Beach Kite festival. 

Mental Health Counseling in the Jail- Millage funds provide support for mental health counselors to provide services for inmates in the Pacific County Jail.  This much needed service fills the gap for those without insurance and/or Medicaid who are currently incarcerated.  The county contracts with Willapa Behavioral Health to provide this service.  For details, please visit .