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December 4, 2012

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Melissa Sexton, EUDL Coordinator, Pacific County Health & Human Services

 Alcohol Compliance Checks

Beginning December 2012, the WA State Liquor Control Board will be training local law enforcement on how to properly implement alcohol compliance checks. Law enforcement from Long Beach Police Department and Pacific County Sherriff’s Department recently participated in alcohol compliance check training from UDETC (Underage Drinking Enforcement Training Center).  These agencies will be participating in a joint operation with the WA State Liquor Control Board for a “hands-on” training for the first round of checks.  According to Melissa Sexton, “After this initial training with WA State Liquor Control Board our officers will begin regular alcohol compliance checks with local retailers and bars.”

During December and in the months to come, underage young adults between the ages of 18-20 years old will attempt purchasing alcoholic beverages.  The minor operatives have a permit or license that they use to purchase the alcohol.  The license isn’t fake; it is the typical vertical license that indicates that the person is under 21.  The youth do not coerce or “trick the retailers” into selling alcohol to them. Sexton says, “Our intention is not to get local retailers into trouble; rather to partner with them to make sure we limit youth access to alcohol.”

Law enforcement will work with these minor operatives to properly complete the checks. Any employee who sells alcohol to the underage buyer will be referred to the prosecuting attorney for criminal prosecution.  The business will also be referred to the WA State Liquor Control Board for administrative action.  If alcohol retailers have questions, need training materials, or have interest in the “Responsible Alcohol & Tobacco Sales” class, contact Kendra Treco, WA State Liquor Control Board Officer at (360)601-6775 or

Pacific County Health & Human Services Department received an Enforcing Underage Drinking Laws (EUDL) grant and will be contracting with local law enforcement agencies during 2012 -2013 to complete a series of alcohol compliance checks.  For additional questions about the new compliance check program, contact Melissa Sexton, EUDL Coordinator, at (360)642-9349 or (360) 875-9343.