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Who Are We-Meet the Staff

Staff include public health nurses, health educators, human services employment program specialists, an accountant and administrative assistants.  Contracts are held with nurse practitioners, behavioral health specialist, and interpreters. Most of the staff has been with the department over 5 years, with the majority having 10-20 years of experience working for the Health Department.

Leadership is provided by a four member Management Team with a combined 40+ years of Public Health and human services experience, and a physician who practiced for a number of years in Pacific County, received his master’s in public health from the University of Washington in 2001, and serves as the county health officer.


Health Officer

James Edstam, MD, MPH


(360) 875-9343



Mary Goelz                                            Katie Lindstrom

Director                                                   Deputy Director

mgoelz@co.pacific.wa.us            koien@co.pacific.wa.us

(360) 642-9300 x 2649                 (360) 642-9300 x 2648




Gracie Minks

Human Services Manager


(360) 642-9300 x 2629




Public Health Nurses

Lori Ashley, RN                                       Leah Heintz, RN

lashley@co.pacific.wa.us          lheintz@co.pacific.wa.us

(360) 875-9300 x 2647                (360) 875-9300 x 2646





 Health Educator/ Community Health Worker

Jackie Smith                                                      Jeannie Weyl

Health Educator                             Community Health Worker

jsmith@co.pacific.wa.us                     jweyl@co.pacific.wa.us

(360) 642-9300 x 2626                       (360) 642-9300 x 2627






  Human Services Program Specialist

Kelsey Hopstad                                             Rosanne McPhail

khopstad@co.pacific.wa.us          rmcphail@co.pacific.wa.us

(360) 875-9300 x 2645                        (360) 642-9300 x 2172





Human Services Wellspring Coordinator




 Behavioral Health Program Specialists

Tessa Clements                                        Judd Comer


(360) 875-9300 x 2638                            (360) 875-9300

  Parenting Facilitator

Deanna Moomjian-Gjovik




Kathy Langbraaten


(360) 875-9300 x 2643



 Administrative Support Staff

Wendy Hamlin


(360) 875-9343



Carolyne Perez                                             Sheena Humphreys

cperez@co.pacific.wa.us            sehumphreys@co.pacific.wa.us

(360) 642-9349                                        (360) 642-9300 x 2634