County Data

The Pacific County Public Health and Human Services Department collects, analyzes, and reports information related to the overall health status of our county. The Department uses data from a variety of sources to prepare and disseminate reports that describe general health status, behavioral health, youth health and risk factors, access to health care and a number of other topics. Individuals, agencies, and organizations use our data to identify community needs, develop and plan programs, prepare grant requests, and measure program effectiveness.

The following reports are available to view or print.

Report Name Description
Key Health Indicators  Pacific County Rural indicators
Healthy Youth Survey Summarizes local and state data from the 2008 Healthy Youth Survey
2010 Pacific-6th Grade  2010 Pacific-8th Grade
 2010 Pacific-10th Grade  2010 Pacific-12th Grade
Summary Powerpoint – 2010 Pacific Powerpoint
County Health Rankings

Local data is available on the following topics:

To request additional information about the health of Pacific County, or to make a specific request for data please contact the health department at (360) 875-9343.