Physical Activity

Goal: Increase the number of active community environments and opportunities for physical activity.

Current Projects:

  • Safe Routes to School Program: We have been working with the schools this past year to identify safe walking and biking routes to schools and the “walkability” of the area around the schools.
  • Walk to School Day:  In October at least two of our school districts will be participating in a national “Walk to School” day to promote physical activity among their students.
  • Long Beach East to West Trail: A group of interested people are looking at the feasibility of developing a trail connecting the east part of Long Beach to the Ocean to increase the availability of safe, attractive places for individuals and families both locally and visitors to the area, to walk or bike on the peninsula.
  • Increasing Physical Activity for Students in School:  Experts from the State Department of Health met with school staff and interested parents and community members to discuss simple ways to “move” kids during the school day that can be incorporated into regular classroom activities. Discussion is also underway how to make better use of recess and lunch time.

Local Contact: Melissa Sexton, Pacific County Health Department (360) 875-9343

Resources:     Trails in Southwest Washington