Worksite Wellness

Goal:   Increase worksite wellness programs throughout Pacific County

Current Programs:

  1. Worksite Wellness Symposium: October 5th the Ocean Beach Hospital will be hosting a Worksite Wellness Symposium. Representatives from local businesses and industries will be invited to discuss the importance of wellness in the worksite, and learn about several model programs that can be adapted for use in their places of employment.  The keynote speaker, Sheila Pudists, from the Washington State Department of Health will be sharing about the benefits of wellness in the worksite. Also a panel of staff from different businesses will present information about successful programs they have implemented in their workplace and the benefits they have seen as a result of the programs.)Attach Press Release) or use that as one of the first “what’s happening” on the home page
  2. Pacific County Health and Human Services: staff at the health department broke into teams and participated in a program called “Fit for Life”.  Staff kept track of time spent being active for a 10-week period this last Spring. We are currently planning a “Biggest Loser” contest for Fall 2011.
  3. Pacific County: Trail at LB office. The commissioners and the Department of Public Works have teamed up to developed a walking trail at the Long Beach facility so that staff, as well as the public,  have a safe and easily accessible walk for breaks and/or off work time.

Local Contact: Melissa Sexton, Pacific County Health Department (360) 875-9343


Press Release: Click here to download.