How Pandemic Nurtured Freelance Content Writing

There has been a surge of freelance writers in the last few years. Even those individuals who used to be devoted office workers started fulfilling their tasks from the comfort of their homes. While telecommuting could have been perceived as a benefit of personal choice, the fundamental factors, which influenced the increase in freelancers, are not the most positive ones, to put it mildly. At the end of December 2019, there was an outbreak of an unknown coronavirus, which turned into a COVID-19 pandemic. The fear of the fast-spreading underexplored disease turned out to be a major reason why people had to stay at home. Real-life interaction became dangerous, but we had to communicate in order to work and survive. Online freelance services were even more popular than ever. Most companies offered flexible work hours and a good salary. One of such companies,, is actively searching for new writers and editors right now. If you wish to demonstrate your writing skills and start earning money from home, you can fill in the form at

Coronavirus as a Freelance Lifestyle Trendsetter

Remote work became a trend for everyone throughout the first year of the COVID-affected world. Although some people missed their offices and live communication with colleagues, even the emergence of effective vaccines did not convince everyone to get back to their previously typical workplaces. IT specialists, journalists, teachers, and content writers have continued working online rather than offline. The experience of a massive shift into full-time online employment showed that a great number of individuals prefer being introverts. Moreover, freelance writing, which does not depend on a monotonous daily routine and exact schedules, has proven to be more fruitful. Creative writers would produce better results when they are offered flexible deadlines and room for improvement (multiple revisions and suggestions from a project manager or a customer). Perhaps, it might sound harsh, but the most soothing aspect of online work is that your strict boss or a demanding client is always on the other side of the screen. The statistic shows that if you organize your home workspace properly, eliminating all the possible distractions, then you will be able to concentrate more on your task than you would do in the office where the chance of sudden interruption is significantly higher. Being a freelancer makes you feel like your own boss, even if you have a supervisor. 

Why Freelance Writers are More Popular than IT Specialists

If to create a competition for the most demanded profession among the mentioned freelancers, content writers would take the first place. The demand for various writers surpasses even the incessant need for web developers because written content reveals more diverse opportunities. If you can write professionally, you can basically highlight any topic. Besides, miscellaneous freelance writing platforms serve as perfect tutorials if you want to improve your knowledge and skills. You can start with simple blog posts and then may not even notice when you are doing profound research on a burning issue. 

Multiple companies have realized that hiring discrepant freelancers is the ultimate secret to success. It lies in the balance of fruitful cooperation with a talented writer, who is both knowledgeable in the necessary subject and unbiased towards their products. The greatest advantage for employers is that they get not only well-written content but a fresh perspective. It is also an awesome opportunity for freelancers to keep being inspired, as there is simply no time to get bored. Not being an insider-employee means being able to choose the project you like best in particular niches. The more you succeed as a freelance writer, the more useful connections you build around yourself. Gradually, you gain a decent reputation when clients start recognizing you. It is favorable to be present in business networks as well as on content writing platforms, which expand your creative prospects. 

Boosting Online Presence by Dint of High-Quality Content

In the contemporary world, having a business and not promoting it online is considered “mauvais ton”. Thus, every old and new business should create and update their reputational image from time to time. The effective promotion of a service or a product is grounded on the credible information wittily illuminated. In other words, it is called content marketing, and writers across all the relevant fields are sought after. The best-selling brand niches encompass technical writing, medical writing, B2B and SaaS writing, and versatile kinds of copywriting. 

More and more companies are searching for skillful writers, who can carry out multiple types of research and polish the image of a final product. Other duties of freelancers could entail social media management with a focus on the creation of engaging posts and vibrant comments reflecting customer feedback. 

The demand for freelance writers on content-generating platforms and mass media has been growing tremendously due to the ongoing war in Ukraine.