Developmental Disabilities

Pacific County Developmental Disabilities program coordinates state and county funding to provide employment & training services for adults with disabilities. To be eligible for services, all participants must be eligible for and receiving services from the Department of Developmental Disabilities (DDD).

We are committed to develop and implement a plan to provide supports for Pacific County citizens with developmental disabilities.  Supports shall promote the empowerment of individuals to reach their potential as members of the community. Specific services provided as part of the employment & day services programs include:

Group Supported Employment

Service Provider Coastal Community Action and Coast Rehabilitation Inc 

Pacific County contracts with two providers (Coast Rehab Inc in South Pacific County, and Coastal Community Action in North Pacific County) to provide group supported employment (GSE) services for adults with developmental disabilities.  GSE offers supervised employment and training in regular business and industry settings for groups of no more than eight (8) workers with disabilities.  The workers are individuals who have a demonstrated need for ongoing supervision and support in order to maintain employment.  Typical program examples include enclaves, mobile crews, and other business based programs employing small groups of workers in an integrated employment setting.

Individual Supported Employment (ISE) & Pre Vocational Services

Service Provider: Pacific County Health & Human Services

Pacific County directly provides Individual Supported Employment and Pre Vocational employment services.  ISE includes placement and follow-up services to help persons with developmental disabilities obtain and continue integrated employment in the community.  This service includes creating work opportunities through job development, support to the employee’s supervisors and/or peer workers to enable them to support the person on the job, on the job trainings, and modification of work site or tasks.  Pre Vocational services include job training and skills development before a person is employed.

Community Information & Education Activities

Service Provider: Pacific County Health & Human Services

Community information and education includes activities which inform and/or educate the general public about developmental disabilities. This includes providing information and referral services, activities aimed at promoting public awareness and involvement; and community consultation, capacity building and organization activities. 

Community Access

Service Provider Currently there are no clients eligible for this program

The community access program helps people with disabilities gain access to integrated community activities that are tailored to the needs, interests, and abilities of the program participant.  Service examples include activities, special assistance, advocacy and education individualized to address growth and interaction needs.  Individuals must be over the age of 62 and retired by choice to be eligible for Community Access.

Pacific County (ISE ,  Pre Vocational)

Department of Developmental Disabilities

Judy Jones- Human Services Program Assistant
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