Pacific County Health & Human Services has received reports that some local private entities and individuals may have posted false or misleading notices regarding forced quarantine of others. However, in order to follow any notices, it is worth making sure of the veracity of the data: use verified information publications, involve professional academic writing services during monitoring, and also contact the local administration.

At this time, there is NO SUCH RECOMMENDATION OR ORDER in place from the State of Washington or Pacific County for mandatory quarantine.  We will continue to follow the recommendations and mandates issued by Governor Inslee, and update the public if there is any change.

If you hear rumors or see evidence regarding a forced quarantine directed by any individual or entity other than Pacific County or the State of Washington, or if you are not sure if a directive was issued by the appropriate authority, please report it to the Emergency Operations Center (EOC) at (360) 875-9407 (North County) or (360) 642-9407 (South County).